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Complete Guide to Tokyo Sightseeing for Families


I am a 37-year-old housewife living in Saitama, next to Tokyo. I speak only Japanese, so I write articles using a translation tool.

Therefore, there may be some strange English. But if you want to know real information about Japan, please refer to this page.

1. classic sightseeing spots in Tokyo

Tokyo has many fascinating sights to visit. If you are visiting Tokyo for the first time, here are some of the must-see sights that are symbols of Tokyo!

Tokyo Tower

Tokyo Tower, a symbol of Tokyo, has an observatory from which you can view the entire Tokyo area. The attraction is that you can enjoy different scenery during the day and at night. During the day, you can see the buildings of Tokyo, and at night you can see the beautiful night view.Don’t miss the illuminated Tokyo Tower!

Tokyo Tower Official Web Site

Tokyo Sky Tree

From the 350-meter-high observatory, visitors can enjoy a panoramic view of the entire Tokyo area, and on clear days, Mt. Fuji on a clear day. In addition, the 450-meter-high Tenbou Kairo (Sky View Corridor) offers the sensation of walking through the air in a glass-walled corridor.

The Sumida Aquarium and Planetarium are also recommended for families. Various events are held seasonally, including special exhibits during the cherry blossom season and illumination events at Christmas. For a more enjoyable visit, please check the event information in advance.

Tokyo Sky Tree Official Web Site

Sensoji Temple

Senso-ji Temple is the oldest temple in Tokyo and attracts many tourists. Visitors can also enjoy shopping and dining along Nakamise-dori. Ningyoyaki and Asakusa kibidango are especially popular.

Kimonos can be rented in the vicinity of Sensoji Temple, so we recommend visiting the shrine in a traditional Japanese kimono. Kimonos for children can of course be rented as well. It will be a good memory of your trip to Japan.

Sensoji Temple Official Web Site

Meiji Shrine

Meiji Jingu Shrine is a lushly green shrine, a quiet place where one can forget the hustle and bustle of the city. Many people visit the shrine for Hatsumode (New Year’s visit) and weddings, and you can feel the traditional Japanese culture.

Meiji Shrine Official Web Site

2. the latest sightseeing spots in Tokyo

New spots and events are popping up one after another in Tokyo. Here we introduce the latest sightseeing spots that you can enjoy with your children.

TeamLab Planets

TeamLab Planets, which is on the cutting edge of digital art, is an interactive artwork that seems to transport you to another world. It is a hot new spot where children can play with fascination.

Shibuya Scramble Square

A new landmark of Shibuya, the “Shibuya Sky” observation deck, located 229 meters above the ground, offers a 360-degree panoramic view. Children will surely be excited. There is also a full range of shopping and dining options.

Haneda Innovation City

Directly connected to Tenkubashi Station, one stop from Haneda Airport, Haneda Innovation City is a complex where visitors can experience the latest technology and culture. In addition to restaurants, a live concert hall, and a hotel, it is also equipped with a unique Japanese footbath that can be used free of charge. It is the perfect place to stop by before or after your flight.

3.Food in Tokyo

Tokyo has a diverse food culture, ranging from traditional Japanese cuisine to the most up-to-date dishes.


Sushi is one of the most famous Japanese dishes, characterized by its fresh, delicate flavor and beautiful presentation. In Tokyo, sushi can be enjoyed in a variety of styles, from upscale sushi restaurants to casual conveyor-belt sushi.

For an authentic taste, the Tsukiji Outside Market and Toyosu Market are recommended. You can taste sushi made with fresh seafood on the spot.

Ginza also has many high-end sushi restaurants, perfect for those who want a special experience. On the other hand, if you want to enjoy sushi at a reasonable price, conveyor-belt sushi is recommended. You can choose your favorite ingredients and enjoy them.


Ramen is a typical Japanese dish characterized by its rich broth and variety of toppings. In Tokyo, visitors can enjoy a wide variety of ramen, from the classic soy sauce ramen to creamy tonkotsu ramen and even unique and creative ramen.

Shinjuku is home to #Shinjuku Underground Ramen, where famous ramen restaurants from all over Japan open weekly stores.

Ikebukuro is dotted with famous ramen chain restaurants and hidden gems, especially the ramen battle zone at the west exit of Ikebukuro, which should not be missed.

Shibuya also has an abundance of ramen stores, many of which are open late into the night, making it a great place for a late-night meal.

 Japanese confectionery

Wagashi is characterized by its seasonal ingredients and beautiful appearance. In Tokyo, one can enjoy a wide variety of wagashi, from long-established wagashi stores to modern cafes.

Asakusa is an area where visitors can experience traditional Japanese culture, and there are many long-established wagashi shops along Kaminarimon and Nakamise-dori.

In particular, Asakusa’s famous “Ningyo-yaki” and “Kaminari-okoshi” are highly recommended. Ginza is lined with high-class Japanese confectionery stores where you can enjoy elegant Japanese sweets.

4. shopping in tokyo

Tokyo offers an abundance of world-class shopping spots. From fashion to sundries to souvenirs, a wide variety of products are available.


Ginza is one of Tokyo’s leading shopping areas and is known as a luxurious district where brands from around the world gather. Its sophisticated atmosphere offers a wide range of enjoyment from fashion to gourmet food, always providing new discoveries for visitors.

Ginza Mitsukoshi is a department store with a full lineup of fashion and gourmet foods, offering high-quality brand-name goods and the latest fashion items.

Ginza Six is a large complex of the latest trendy stores and restaurants, offering a luxurious shopping experience that combines fashion, art, and dining.

The UNIQLO Ginza store, one of the largest in the world, also offers the latest fashion items and is popular with tourists and souvenir shoppers.


Harajuku/Omotesando is one of Tokyo’s most vibrant shopping areas and is known as a gathering place for the latest fashions and trends.

Harajuku, the center of youth culture, is always crowded with tourists and young locals alike, with colorful street fashion and unique stores lining Takeshita-dori Avenue.

Omotesando, on the other hand, is an area with a relaxed atmosphere lined with sophisticated boutiques and fashionable cafes.

With many luxury and designer brand stores, Omotesando is an attractive shopping destination for fashion-conscious people.


Akihabara is known for its abundance of products and culture, especially those related to technology and entertainment. With its history as an electronics town, Akihabara attracts a wide range of items from the latest consumer electronics to otaku culture-related goods.

There are also many facilities where visitors can experience Japanese pop culture, such as maid cafes and stores specializing in anime goods, making Akihabara a mecca for anime and game fans.

Another attraction is the concentration of showrooms and specialty stores of major electronics manufacturers, where visitors can experience the latest technological products. Akihabara is a must-visit destination for those who want to enjoy not only shopping but also a cultural journey.

5.Tokyo Entertainment

Tokyo offers a wide variety of entertainment facilities. They are all fun places to make your family trip memorable! Traditional Japanese culture is also introduced.


The highlights of Kabuki are its magnificent stage productions and traditional stories. Beautiful costumes, unique makeup, powerful action scenes and poses, and the performances of top-notch actors all come together to captivate the audience.

The shouting that creates a sense of unity with the audience and the dynamic use of stage sets are the unique attractions of Kabuki. Together, these elements allow the audience to fully enjoy the beauty and depth of this traditional Japanese performing art.

Shiki Theatre Company

The highlight of the Shiki Theater Company is its stunning stage productions and high performance quality. The Shiki Theater Company has produced many world-famous musicals and original productions that captivate audiences with beautiful set design, costumes, and wonderful music and singing. 

The Shiki Theatre Company also offers foreign-language subtitles and English-language performances so that everyone can enjoy the show regardless of language barriers. If you are visiting Tokyo, you should definitely see a performance.

Tokyo Disneyland and Tokyo DisneySea

The charm of Tokyo Disneyland lies throughout the beautiful park, where the magic of Disney comes alive. Centered around Cinderella Castle, each theme features a different story and characters, making the experience feel like you are in a movie.

The parades and shows, especially the “Electrical Parade” at night, are not to be missed. Visitors can also enjoy unique Japanese hospitality, limited-edition goods, and food, making this a perfect way to create special memories of your trip to Japan.

Note, however, that this is not technically in Tokyo, but in Chiba Prefecture, which is next to Tokyo. Since it is located closer to Tokyo, you can enjoy it as a set with your trip to Tokyo.

Please come to Tokyo!

Tokyo is a fascinating city that blends the traditional and the modern, offering something new to discover each time you visit. From classic tourist attractions to the latest entertainment, Tokyo offers a wide variety of things to see and do that will surely make for a wonderful trip.

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